Submitted by Aoife LunaFyre

I use a small kitchen scale and measure parts by weight rather than volume, hence the “ounce” measurements in the recipe.  I highly recommend this method.  In my experience, different crops of herbs and different suppliers can cause the essence of your blend to vary greatly if you go by volume parts alone.

you will need: mortar & pestle (or coffee grinder ;), clean airtight container to mix and store the blend in, kitchen scale

Mix/grind together:
.8 oz granular frankincense resin
.4 oz granular benzoin
.4 oz granular gum arabic
.4 oz granular myrrh
.4 oz powdered sweet cinnamon
.2 oz cedar
.2 oz powdered galangal
.2 oz powdered calamus root
.2 oz ground juniper berries
.2 oz orris root

Store these ingredients together in an airtight container for at least 1 week – many people say 2.

After at least 1 week, add:
3 drops Ylang-Ylang oil
.4oz of organic red wine,
a medium sized handful of raisins
agave nectar as needed

You might want to take this time to send positive energy or dedicatory prayers into the blend.  Mix the wet ingredients into the dry with your hands.  Tear and smash and mix the raisins in very well.  Add agave nectar as needed until the blend is the appropriate texture.    The blend should stick together and form reasonably well, but not be as wet and shapeable as clay.  When the texture and blend is correct you should be able to roll homogenous pieces into balls about a dime in diameter.  You should not have giant clumps of raisin or sticky patches of agave, but a very even mixture.

Store this blend together in an airtight container again for at least 1 week – again, many people say 2, because 4 total weeks is a moon cycle.  Many believe this will enhance the magickal power of the incense.

After this time, I recommend keeping your Kyphi airtight and refrigerated.  If you don’t refrigerate it, it will grow mold within 6 months.  Alternately, you can attempt to dry it and powder it.  Some people have had success with oven baking Kyphi pills but I don’t see the point in that.  Kyphi is so great that you’ll use it up before it goes bad anyway!

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