By Lady Dragonfly

It is preferred that everyone take a ritual bath prior to entering circle

You should take your bath at home if possible and then not engage in any mundane activities between the time of your bath and entering circle.  If this is not possible arrangements can be made for you to take your ritual bath at the covenstead.


The act of taking a spiritual bath is a spiritual as well as mental, emotional and physical cleaning.


  • Candle -White or seasonal color/matches
  • Incense – your choice
  • Salt –sea salt or earth salt
  • Ritual bath oil (recipe to follow)

Ritual bath guidelines:

  • If you are dirty, take a quick shower or bath before the ritual bath
  • Never use soap in the ritual bath.
  • Do not listen to music
  • Do not use electronics
  • Turn out the electric lights, so only candles are burning


    1. Run lukewarm bath. Before entering take candle in left hand and form a banishing pentagram;
    2. Add 3 pinches of salt, two or three drops of oil;
    3. Pass incense over water Saying ”O water I exorcise thee with fire, earth, air and holy oil.  Be purified in the name of the Lord and Lady.  I take this bath in honor of the gods.“
    4. Get into the water and say “Bless me Mother and make me pure, bless me Father and make me strong.  Cleanse my body, mind, soul and spirit.  Let me be worthy to be one with you;”
    5. Meditate while in the bath. Sit in the water and pour the water from the tub over you with your hands;
    6. You may sing, chant or be quiet, whatever works for you;
    7. Put all your tiredness, anxiety, tension, anger, pain, and mundane thoughts of the day into the water;
    8. Pull the drain plug and let all the water out before you get out of the tub;
    9. Let all the negativity flow down the drain out of your house and into the sewer and back into the earth where it can be cleansed and renewed.

Note for those taking a ritual bath at the covenstead

  • If you take your ritual bath at the covenstead, please clean up after yourself and place all items used back where you found them so the bath tub is ready for the next person.;
  • Take your time, but do not monopolize the bathroom as others may be waiting;
  • It will be helpful to bring your own towel for use after the ritual bath.

Ritual bath oil

Almond oil or other carrier oil in jar 4-6 oz dark color will keep longer

10 drops of Ylang Ylang

5 drops rose

3 drops Jasmine

2 drops lavender

1drop lilac

2 drops cinnamon No more can burn

5 drops sandalwood

2 drops lemon or lime

Run vodka or alcohol through the dropper between oils to clean

You can use herbs/oil combination. I use all oils.  Keep in cabinet away from sunlight.